My work

2016-2021 – CTO, SkinVision

Empowering users to take care of their skin health by allowing them to detect skin cancer safely and easily using just their cell phone. Here to save at least 250,000 lives in the next decade. Built strong development and product focus compliant with applicable regulations (e.g. ISO 13485, ISO 27001/NEN 7510), clinically and scientifically proven ML at scale. Currently still involved as senior product advisor.

2015-present – Founder, CTO on Demand

Tech and product strategist, team building and interim CTO functions. Focusing on building great products in non-contiguous or ‘on-demand’ interim assignments (i.e. part-time).

Also available for innovation, interim and transformation management.

2011-2015 – CTO, Greenhouse Innovation

Greenhouse Innovation was specialised in the development and marketing of new business concepts, mostly online and mobile. From creation and development to execution and operational management.

Combining physical & online retail, marketing and human factors through an exciting mix of (digital) tools and human factors. Transformation of legacy platforms to state of the art implementations for speed of innovation, scalability and opening up of new business models.

Building and maintaining relations with business & industry partners. Products of Greenhouse include the Selly PropTech/Digital Retail Platform and Selly Amsterdam Smart City / RetailTech platform.

2011-2015 – CTO, Snipper & Snipperwall

Snipper was a social media platform for sharing up to one minute of video, years before the ‘big guys’ allowed for sharing videos.

Snipperwall was a social media aggregation and presentation platform and was used by clients in areas of retail, travel, music & media & sports.

Snipper and Snipperwall were daughter enterprises of Greenhouse Innovation.

2009-2011 – System Architect, TomTom International

Key system architect within the Client Technology department of TomTom International. Delivered several key APIs and constructs for the new TomTom NavKit architecture. Always active at the meeting points of technology, user experience and design. Liaison to new product development labs. Member of the API and architecture review boards. Co-author of the new NavKit architecture document. 26 patents filed in the areas of system integration, algorithms and user interfaces.

2007-2009 – System Architect, TomTom Automotive

Performed research and development in the area of next-generation navigation and system integration concepts at TomTom Automotive. Technically & commercially supported business development teams on-site at customer and in quotation phases with various car manufacturers such as Renault, FIAT group, Ford Motor Company and General Motors. Key achievements include ‘delivering the FIAT Blue&Me TomTom navigation system and several TomTom-wide standardised navigation APIs.

2005-2008 – Senior System Engineer, Siemens VDO / PTS

Researched system concepts and map visualisation methodologies and hardware acceleration. Member of a tiger team that brought to market the existing navigation solution on a new platform sporting a fresh user interface and novel map visualisation.

Lead member & external representative of internal Embedded Linux Interest group at PTS Software (Alten).

2002-2005 – Ph.D., CWI Amsterdam

Ph.D. trajectory in Virtual Reality and human factors titled ‘Collaborative Interaction in Desktop Virtual Reality with a Shared Physical Workspace’ at the Center for Mathematics and Computer Science CWI in Amsterdam. Three refereed publications on virtual and augmented reality, computer vision, graphics and visualisation, studying human factors and human interaction.