About me

My name is Breght Boschker – I am a product guy, digital native, strategist & mentor. I thrive at the meeting point of business, tech, and people. I am a strong conceptual thinker with the ability to inspire teams.

Having multiple years of experience in large (tech) corporations, leading startups and academia has made me appreciate the dynamics in such organisations, but more importantly, what amazing things can be achieved in great teams that share a common passion and focus.

Get in touch if you are interested in what I can do for your in the area of product, tech or team strategy.

What I do

I am specialised in leading teams and businesses in creating amazing products, finding the right product, technical and team strategies. My skills include tech and product strategy, team building, system architecture & design, API-design & open source. I have a passion for open, evolvable systems that serve the needs of its users. Special interests include computer graphics & computer vision, computer security/infosec and usability & human-computer interaction.

Over the years, I’ve gained extensive knowledge and hands-on experience building and rolling out products in areas ranging from embedded systems and large-scale cloud systems. I am (co-) author of over 25 patent applications and have working experience in domains of medical devices, SaaS, virtual reality, satellite navigation & in-car systems, social media, marketing and business development.

Native in Dutch, fully fluent in English, working proficiency in Swedish and German, elementary proficiency in French.

Read about what I’ve done professionally on theĀ my work page.

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