Startup Booster

I help boosting startup growth, whether you are a CEO/CTO of a startup, a (potential) investor or a seasoned entrepreneur that could use advice on product and technical strategy, team and/or intellectual property.


Quick Scan

In just a few hours we’ve gone through your basic proposition, team and strategy and have identified the top risks barring you from making the next steps and we have identified the top technical and team guidance points for increasing your chances of success. The quick scan includes:

  • Interview with CEO/CTO on location, or via Skype
  • Assessment report:
    • Top risks
    • Technical guidance
    • Team guidance

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Due Diligence

It might be that you need to go deeper in terms of product strategy, technical aspects or team, or the Quick Scan has shown that you can do with help increasing success rate. The due diligence package assesses the (technical) product strategy and identifies risks and opportunities in the following areas:

  • Product & strategy
  • Goals & plan
  • Technical strategy & tech stack: architecture, artefacts, infrastructure, risks, security
  • Team: strengths & weaknesses, required expansion, processes & practices
  • Intellectual property & subsidising opportunities

The Due Diligence package comes with an extended report detailing:

  • Strategic guidance, tactical instruments
  • Technical direction: high-level architecture, roadmap and milestones. Advice on tech stack on tooling
  • Top risks and mitigation
  • Organisational guidance: required skills, projected growth, guidance on improving processes & practices
  • Intellectual property & subsidising opportunities

This package is always followed up with a debriefing with the CEO/CTO/investor on-site or via Skype. Additionally, I can assist in follow-up trajectories as part of the team.

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Additional Services

Additionally, I can assist you and your team in:

  • Interim CTO / architect
  • Coaching / team building and mentoring
  • Preparing for (next round of) investments
  • Prototyping / hands-on / building your MVP
  • Subsidies & intellectual property scan (patenting)

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